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What to do or avoid before your microblading appointment:

  • If you normally get your eyebrows waxed or threaded to maintain the shape, you may get them shaped 3 days prior to your microblading appointment.
  • If you would like your artist to use as much hair as possible, you may let your eyebrows grow until your microblading appointment.
  • Avoid tanning two weeks prior to your microblading appointment.
  • Do NOT come to your microblading appointment with a sunburn on your forehead or flaking skin around your eyebrows. In this case, email your artist at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule.
  • Avoid chemical peels at least 4 weeks prior to your microblading appointment.
  • Avoid Botox and Fillers at least two weeks before and two weeks after your appointment.
  • Avoid alcohol, ibuprofen or any medication that thins the blood 24 hours prior to your microblading appointment.”

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